"A Reflection of you in every dimension"

The Company

SATTVA ART LIFE, formerly known as STUDIO COLLAB, is an interior design firm based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The firm provides complete interior design, furniture design, and procurement services for residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. With a wide array of projects throughout India, our work is driven by the guiding principle that an interior must engage in the context of architecture and landscape, ultimately enhancing the human spirit.

Founded by Foram Ramjiyani, Sattva Art Life is an interior design initiative firm that operates on a global scale, working across different interiors and design styles. Our approach to design is streamlined and personalized, which has become our company signature. We take pride in treating each project as unique, with a focus on creativity, attention to detail, and catering to the specific needs of our clients.

At Sattva Art Life, we believe that every project is an adventure to “Explore the Possible”. We consider it our responsibility to introduce new ideas and options, resulting in beautiful and livable homes. As we envision spaces in the modern world, we understand the value of time, space, cost, and comfort, providing favorable results that complement each client’s personal lifestyle.

The Sattva Art Life marks the beginning of a marvelous and purely unique creation. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions that leave a lasting impression.

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Foram Ramjiyani

Principal Design Director

Principal Designer and Founder, Foram Ramjiyani, brings a well-honed and well-travelled eye to Sattva Art Life Interiors. With a unique talent for delivering phenomenal and novel interior design, Foram’s designs achieve an elusive blend of sophistication and sustainability. She goes beyond aesthetics and connects with clients on a personal level, consistently delivering designs that speak to their individual needs and personality.

Foram Ramjiyani was born in Kutch, Gujarat, and raised in Mumbai. She earned a Master’s Diploma in Interior Design and graduated from Mumbai University. After gaining experience working in Mumbai city, Foram established her own design firm.

At Sattva Art Life, Foram’s principles remain staunch. She values quality over convenience, designs with integrity, and above all, puts the client first. Thoughtfully creating interiors that uniquely reflect each client’s personality, she skillfully translates their vision into a tangible reality.

"Beautiful design and workable, liveable solutions are combined by the Sattva Art Life team. They were a pleasure to work with and we will certainly be recommending their services".
- Private Client